Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1. I have to take a day very soon to organize my reading.  I have been a little bad in terms of buying/accepting books, even so far as to check books out of the library and then never read them. I see some shelving, a white board and dry erase markers in my future.

2.  The chocolate lab just will not stop eating poop.  We live on 5 acres and I am lazy, so they just get let out whenever they want to go.  I have tried everything but actually walking out with him every time.  I know- the answer lies within me.

3.  I am having a friend’s son over for the night while they are away- any good vegetarian ideas for lunch and dinner?

4.  I just read that some guy slipped into someone’s house while they were taking out the garbage and hid under the bed for three days.  Three days!!!  He even charged his cell phone while he was there.  That scares the shit out of me.  There really are monsters under the bed.

5.  I started drinking my coffee black.  It is pretty awesome.  I definitely feel a little badass.  But wow, it really sucks cold.

6.  I read Circling the Sun about Beryl Markham, and now I am dying to read more things about Africa in the early 20th century.  Beth Fish Reads just posted a great list of books just for that. How fortuitous!

7.  I am have about ten books looming on my horizon- all very good books I am sure- but there is something about rereading favorite books in the summertime.  Do any of you have favorite rereads?

8.  I am making smoothies in the morning before I torture myself at the gym.  I have the standard blueberry/banana one down, but I would like to change it up a bit.  Any good smoothie recipes out there?

9.  The heatwave we had has finally broken and people are happy again.  It’s like a scene from a Disney movie with the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering.  Then-bam!- yellow lab kills one of those chirping birds and spits it out on the driveway.  The rest of the birds go freaking crazy, squawking and flying all over.  Now I am afraid to go out of the house again.

10.  If I have to see another web article on Donald Trump I might vomit.  I can’t believe John Stewart is retiring at this moment.  It’s too easy!  I guess I will just have to wait until Colbert comes back in September.



Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I started working out with a trainer last week.  I think when you hit your 40s, you go a little crazy.  I am aching ALL over- can’t lift my arms more than half way.  This might seriously affect my wine drinking.


2.  I am going to Pittsburgh to visit my son, who is being kind enough to set aside an hour or so of his time so we can take him out to eat.  Seriously, he told me he has to get back for “activities” even though it is Parent’s Weekend and we are driving 6 hours each way.  This might make him leaving for college next summer a little easier for me.

3.  I read Circling The Sun by Paula McCain in one day, and I didn’t realize it was based on a real woman until I read the epilogue.

4.  I have Go Set A Watchman sitting on my kitchen counter.  I am reluctant to read it for a few reasons, not the least being I really don’t believe Harper Lee actually wanted it ever published.  I also don’t like the idea of losing faith in Atticus.  Sort of like finding out Harry Potter turned to the Dark Arts after a mid life crisis.


5.  I had a bear in the yard.  Now every time I drive up the driveway, I am afraid.

7.  I hate that Goodreads doesn’t count my endless rereads in my reading challenge.  Why does it NOT count when I reread The Hunger Games for the 8th time, just because it was there???

8.  I started some tomato plants from seed back in April.  I had to repot them 3 times, and now they are taller than me.  The kicker?  I forget what kind of tomatoes they are supposed to be.


9.  We watch The Brink with Tim Robbins and Jack Black- it was AWESOME!  Can’t wait for more episodes.

10.  Any suggestions on things to do in Pittsburgh?  Since I will have so much time on my hands?

Bookish (& not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I finished It by Stephen King (review coming soon).  I feel like I need something easy breezy next to shake it off.  Maybe a Dr. Seuss?

2.  I finally ran 4 miles.  Then I couldn’t move for two days.  But I am getting back out today to do it again.

3.  My daughter took this picture of my dog-


I laughed so hard I think I spit.

4.  I got an ARC though Net Galley that I was so excited to read-it takes place in the National Archives- then I realized it was the 3rd in a series.  So of course I had to download the first 2 to my Kindle, right?

5.  I am addicted to these chips- anyone else?


6. My son it taking some courses at Carnegie Mellon this summer.  I know I am really going to miss him, but he left a pen in his pocket, and it went though the dryer earlier this week.  I am sure you can all imagine the outcome.

7.  What should you get a wonderful husband for a 20th anniversary present?  I am dying- no ideas at all.

8.  Things I want to do this summer-

see Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, and Pitch Perfect 2, start watching Game of Thrones (only saw the 1st season), continue with House of Cards, and reread some favorites.

oh- and watch ALL of The Sopranos again.

9.  Do you reread books often?  I used to a lot more than I do now and I don’t know why!  I feel the need to revisit- Harry Potter, Middle Earth, Lizbeth Salander, some Jane Austen and Margaret Mitchell, and Shadow of the Wind trilogy.  But every time I go to the bookcase, all the unread books give me a dirty look if I reach for a pre read one.  I am not even mentioning the guilt from all the ARCs on the Kindle.

Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  Did you ever have “that” kind of a day- where everything is BLAH?  I am having one.  My solution- I am going to the library.

2.  Does anyone have the Kindle Unlimited?  I am tempted-but-Is it worth it?  I figure I impulse buy at least $10 worth every month any way.

3.  I started reading The Martian yesterday- I am only 5% in-my question is- Does it get good?  I am up to the part where he is figuring out how to make water.  My eyes are glazing over like they did back in high school during Chem class.  I hated Chem.  I actually hated Walter White BEFORE he started making the meth.

4.  I am listening to The Illiad narrated by Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), the new Beast.  I love him, but am not sure his proper, clipped British accents gels with the rough and tumble Agamemnon and Achilles.

5.  Speaking of the Beast, did you see the complete cast for the upcoming live Beauty and the Beast?  It is AWESOME! Click here.  Be my guest.

6.  Last night my father in law came over and I made a nice big dinner- sauce with meatballs and sausage, manicotti, Italian bread, and salad, with cheesecake for dessert.  I had a meatball.  :-((

7.  I went to my first high school track meet this week.  My son decided to give it a try this year to keep in shape.  He is doing hurdles and high jump.

That was two hours of my life I will never get back.

8.  We are shipping up to Boston (aahhhh) to visit some colleges.  I am very excited- to not make beds for a day or so.

Off to the library to feel better!

Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I am heading to an author luncheon this afternoon and I am very excited.  My sister and Mom will be there too.  The author is Regina Calcaterra and her Book is Etched in Sand– about her difficult childhood in Long Island.

This is actually my first author event and I am very excited!

2.  I picked up the audiobook of The Illiad at my library yesterday because it is read by Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey) and everyone seems to think I am crazy.

3.  My husband continues his audiobook reading and I couldn’t be more excited.  After he finished The Stand, I had a problem finding a good one at the library for him to read next, so I grabbed The Paris Architect– a historical fiction I had read last year and enjoyed.  Next up is The Book Thief for him.  I will bring him over to our side!

4.  I am rereading The Handmaid’s Tale (again) because my daughter is reading it for her English class.  While at first I thought it might be a tough read for 15 year olds, I applaud the teacher for picking it.  I am excited to see how my daughter and her friends like it and what they think about it.  She just started and already had a cool insight- the handmaids are named after their commanders.

5.  I think spring might actually be here in Northern NJ!  My daffodils have finally bloomed and I sat outside and read yesterday afternoon.

6.  The hubby and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary this June and decided to celebrate by renting a house on the beach in OBX with the kids and the dogs.  While not terribly romantic, it makes sense- they are teenagers and this will probably be the last big anniversary with them living at home.

7.  We are toying with the idea of renewing our vows on the beach.  My daughter will be the maid of honor and my son the best man.  The yellow lab will be the flowergirl and the chocolate the ring bearer.  Sound cheesy, but I am actually getting a little excited by the idea.  Now I just need to make it happen. Ideas are much appreciated.

8.  And because of #7, I have to get in shape quickly!  When I told my daughter, she didn’t understand why.  She said this way there was more of me to love.  She should go into politics.

9.  Tomorrow I am off to Atlantic City.  This is probably one of my least favorite places to visit, but my Mom LOVES it and it is her birthday.  To celebrate, we are staying over and going to see Frankie Valli.  Yes, it seems he is still alive.  There had better be LOTS of wine involved.

10.  And the NHL playoffs have begun, which means I get a whole lot of reading time in the evenings- excerpt when the NY Rangers are on of course.  We actually scored tickets to Saturday nights game- so excited.  My daughter was invited to this big party by a very popular girl.  She was so excited to be invited and immediately said sorry, she can’t make it- wouldn’t want to miss the game!

Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I have been totally absent from blogging for 2 weeks (actually for over a month now) and I am sorry.  I have been busy, but I mostly blame laziness.  I am hoping that the warmer weather will inspire me to clamp down and get motivated!

2.  I am starting to stress a little about the whole college thing with my 16 year old son.  Why?  Because he is totally disengaged!!  He is an extremely smart kid, but he really wants nothing to do with starting the whole process.  I can’t believe it.

3.  With all the stress, I decided I needed to get myself back to exercising.  I went for my first real run in almost 6 months, and finally went back to yoga today.  I was getting relaxed, until some woman decided to start making what I can only call sounds of “interns pleasure”.  At first, I laughed.  Then, I was a little jealous.

4.  I felt like I was in a reading drought, after it took me so long to reread The Stand, I am cruising now!  Among other books I have read these past two weeks, I finished The Little Paris Bookshop and The Magician’s Lie- both were so awesome!  Now if only I can make myself sit down and write reviews.  I blame Trivia Crack to be honest.

5.  I have to take my son to the ENT for chronic nosebleeds and clogged ears.  Maybe when he is fixed he will be excited about our upcoming trip to visit schools in Boston.  Or I can leave him there.  In Boston.

6.  I have a Book Club meeting at the high school next week.  The teacher picked a book I haven’t read and do not plan to- Alice Paul: Claiming Power.  My library doesn’t have it, and its over $15 for the kindle.  Not gonna do it.  Has anyone read it?  Share some key points?

 7.  I am in need of some good recommendations for audiobooks for my husband.  He finally finished The Stand, and I want to keep him going.  HELP!!

8.  Since he is reading audiobooks and I like to also, I was considering joining Audible.  $22 for two books a month sounded pretty good.  Any opinions?  I am not sure if it is worth it, but my library has an astoundingly bad selection of audiobooks, so I need to do something.

Hope to be posting much more next week!

Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  Too cold…too much snow…for too long.  Enough!  And if I have to read about the poor bastards in southern Florida who are actually cold, I might hurt someone!

I think the wind chill is supposed to be in around -25 today.


2. So the boy got his permit and…hasn’t drove a lick!  What is going on here?  I think the kids where I live are more than happy being chauffeured around by the parents, and are in no big rush to drive.  While I get it, how the heck are they going to learn is they don’t practice???

3.  I posted a review this week of an ARC that I really didn’t like.  I was actually considering not posting, since I do value that this was someone’s hard work.  I just felt that I had to be honest.  What do you think about posting reviews of books that you REALLY didn’t like (i.e.. loathed)?

4.  I am reading Jodi Picoult’s newest- Leaving Time.  Maybe I just haven’t given it enough time (ha ha), but I am not as into it as I thought I would be.  Has anyone else read it?  What did you think?

5. I was invited to join a new book club.  I am a little hesitant, as it looks like it will be just like the other BC I was a member of- no one ever read the book.  They would drink wine and talk about their kids and school.

6.  My mother just told me she is reading The Girl on the Train, so it is official- everyone is reading that but me.  I don’t know why I have put it off.  Does it live up to the hype?

7.  We skied last Sunday when the wind chill was a balmy -25.  It was actually lots of fun.  We had to make sure that NO skin was exposed, which was pretty challenging.  At one point on the lift, I pulled the mask off of my face and my daughter said that my hair, which had gotten wet from condensation, had frozen.  The hot chocolate with rum was especially tasty that day!


8.  Mockingjay is finally available on iTunes, and my daughter has had too much homework every night to watch it with me.  So, do i just say-screw it-and watch it without her?  Or actually be a good mom and wait?

9.  The happiest state in the country is- Alaska.  Probably because it’s warmer there than it is where I live, damn it!

Seriously, that is pretty cool.  I think it’s because there aren’t that many people to annoy you there.  Moose aren’t annoying.  Bears, maybe.

So how is everything going by you?  Staying warm?  What are you reading?