Kerri is a stay at home mom of two teens and two Labs. She is an avid reader of almost anything, although she mainly reads fiction.  She especially enjoys Contemporary and Historical fiction.  When she is not reading, she enjoys cooking, playing with her dogs Jack and Katie, and is attempting to learn to ski.
Her favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

You can contact Kerri at- turnthepagereviews@hotmail.com

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      • Me too – about 2 months myself and totally AGREE on the followers. I’ve gotten some good advice though and in the past two weeks i’ve tripled (although the number still isn’t all that great) my followers.. It is silly but everytime I get a new follower, I do a small happy dance. Do you have an email? I would be happy to share some advice i’ve gotten – how are you getting your books to review, are you on Netgalley and Edelweiss, I also have another site where you can request actually ARC books..

      • Oh i know about the kindle – something about the feel of a book in your hands, I still miss that and i’m tempted to buy paperback even though i know its cheaper and easier on the kindle.. I haven’t heard of the Library thing yet, do you have the site? Do you get actual books from there vs ebooks? Netgalley is all right – hard to get great books sometimes.. check our Edelweiss too – I get some great books there !

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  2. Aw, I love labs! We have two girls, a yellow and a black. They’re such great dogs 🙂 Love your blog too! Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Hi! I just came across your blog and I really like it! I must say that your dogs are sooo cute! I also have two labs (well lab mixes) and they are truly a part of the family. So glad I stumbled upon your site and can’t wait to read more of your reviews. 🙂

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