Thoughts on The Fellowship of the Ring…





In keeping with my decision to reread some of my favorites, I have just finished The Fellowship of the Ring, the first in The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.

As the movies (like Harry Potter) have been seen by so many the have not read the books, many of my thoughts have to do with things that did NOT make it into the films. As much as I enjoyed the movies, I loved the books.  They were SO much better.

 The Maps are beautiful.


The journey to Rivendell is much longer and dangerous in the book.

The hobbits journey first to Buckland, stopping my Maggots farm and getting some help from him.

They then make their way into the Old Forest, where Ton Bombadil saves their lives.  Twice.

I wish Tom had made it into the movie.  He is a great character.

Glorfindel, an Elf Prince, is sent by Elrond to help Aragorn bring the Hobbits to Rivendell.

We hear the Legends.

We are introduced to Eldar days, with the story of Elbereth, and Luthien and Beren.  These Elf songs foretell and amazing story that Tolkien tells in The Silmarillion.

I want to live in Rivendell.

The one part of Jackson’s movies that I really thought was amazing was the depiction of Rivendell.  It is even more beautiful than I imagined.

When Gandalf falls to the Balrog I cry.  Everytime.

The first time I read this book, I remember yelling at my husband for letting me read such an awful thing.  How could he kill of Gandalf in the middle of the first damn book?!?!

I never liked BoromirEven though it might not seem it, LOTR has some pretty kick ass women.  Galadriel is the first we get introduces to.

I love her, even though she makes me sad.

I never liked Boromir.

It annoyed me that they cast Sean Bean as Bormir because I love him, but really don’t like the character.  Though I did love watching The Martian with him in it when they name the secret mission Project Elrond-

“Elrond,” Bruce said. “The Council of Elrond. From Lord of the Rings. It’s the meeting where they decide to destroy the One Ring.” said by Bean’s character.

See- everyone loves this book!

I am already well into The Two Towers- which I really believe suffers from middle child syndrome- at least in my mind!

Any thoughts on The Fellowship of the Ring?

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on The Fellowship of the Ring…

  1. I do love The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and you are making me want to reread it! One thing I loved from the books that I don’t think correctly translated to the movies was the sense of wonder before the beautiful Middle Earth. We are following four Hobbits who have never gone beyond The Shire and barely seen anyone who was not a Hobbit. Everything is an adventure from the moment they set foot outside of their homes, and I was as taken by everyone they encountered as they were.

    I agree with the kickass women. Tolkien gets lots of hate for that, but he had women with agency and decisive plot arcs in a time when this was groundbreaking. The sad part is that it’s taking us a long time to progress beyond that!

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