Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

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Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.Happy Autumnal Equinox! (yesterday)  I love the fall and it seems like it is actually here.  The highs are mid 70s but the lows at night are pretty chilly.  Can’t wait for the first fire of the year!


2.  I have decided to try to read some of the books on the short list for the Booker Man prize, so I got A Little Life and A Spool of Blue Thread from the library.  A Little Life is not a little book, it’s over 700 pages (not large print by the way) long!  And not a fast read- but I am loving it!

3.  There are bears where I live, and I know this.  They frequently walk through my yard, and that is their right.  I do have a very real fear that my stupid chocolate Lab will try to chase a cub off, only to have Momma attack him.

4.  I watched The Muppets Show last night.  It was funny, in a creepy and disturbing way.

5.  I saw this on Buzzfeed and now I am dying to own it.


I can’t believe a 17 year old made this.  Unfortunately, it is a part of a book of these maps that goes on sale today, but not yet available to purchase as a print.  I want to buy the print, and then hang it right behind my desk so I can turn around and look at it whenever I want.

6.  I  am nervous about my upcoming run in NYC this weekend, but am thankful it is after the Pope has left.

7.  Banned Books week starts on Monday and I am hoping to slip in a reading of a banned book.  What is your favorite Banned Book?

Guess I am out of interesting thought for now

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