Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

  1. My daughter is taking part in a French Immersion program, so we are getting set to host our french student- who it turns out is a boy.  He comes to stay with us on Sunday and will be here 2 weeks.  Now I have to figure out what to do with him.  Suggestions??

2.  I am rereading The Hot Zone by Richard Preston for our upcoming school bookclub hosted by a science teacher!  I am so excited!!

3.  I can’t get my husband to read, but he will listen to audio books.  I got him The Shining, because though I love the movie, the book is SO much better.  So that’s why Jack starts going crazy? Yessss!  Bonus- I am listening to it also!

4.  I had to give up my office for the french boy, so I have my computer jammed not a small writing desk, with the keyboard and mouse in a small snack table.  Like I needed another excuse to not work and just go watch The Office instead?

5.  I am backing up on reviews.  What’s your opinion of mini reviews?  Good or bad?

6.  I just finished The Swans of Fifth Avenue in 1 day.  I kept stopping to google all of theses fabulous people I had never heard of.

7.  The leaves are changing and the days are getting cooler and shorter.  I love winter, but it can seem so long.

Tell me- what have you beed reading lately?  I need some good suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. Hi Kerri, I just finished Circling the Sun by Paula McLain and really enjoyed it. Now in the middle of The Boys In The Boat, the true story of the US crew team in the 1936 Olympics. Very interesting.
    Great post!

  2. I pretty much only do monthly mini-reviews, but that’s just because, ironically, I really don’t like reading or writing reviews at all! How I’ve managed to remain a book blogger all this time is beyond me.

    That’s awesome you’re getting an exchange student. I’m sure it will be a really great experience for the whole family.

    • Thanks! A little pressure to make some good food- but he will probably ask to go to BK- which we don’t eat. I think other than ARC I might switch to mini reviews. I can read a summary anywhere- just want to know if you liked it!

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