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Bookish & Not So Bookish Thought

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.

1.  If you haven’t heard about this yet, a lovely well rounded child from the great state I currently call home has actually SUED her parents.  Read about it here.  When I read about this last week, I was amazed.  Thank god the judge, who lives in my town, had the good sense to deny her request for emergency support.  I just read today that she has returned home.  So- what do you think about this case?  I grew up in a strict household, and the #1 rule was simple- this was my parent house and we lived by their rules.  Or left.  It seems this young lady wanted it both ways.  I hope this family can move on from this.

2.  I decided to join up with King’s March that is being hosted by Fourth Street Reviews and Wensend.  I have only read two books by King, so I thought it would be a good idea to tackle The Stand.  Now I am thinking that I might have been a little crazy.  I am up to the chapter that introduces Randall Flagg- about 20% in.  When do the new characters stop coming???  There are SO many?  Actually I am loving it very much, but do find myself putting it down after two chapters or so, to soak it in.

3.  It was almost 60 degrees two days ago.  It is now 14.  The wind chill is -1.  WTF??  I was thinking pedicure, now I am looking for my damn gloves.

4.  I saw this and loved it- I do this all the time.  And then get pissed when I didn’t have a chance to read!


5.  I read something in Book Riot last week that floored me.  An author, Lynn Shepherd wrote an article for the Huffington Post UK version, stating (boldly) that if J.K. Rowling cares about writing, she should stop doing it.


Was she serious?  I almost hope she was doing it to get her name out there, maybe sell some books.  Because otherwise, her reasoning is insane.   How can an author tell another- one she has admitted never even reading- to stop writing, so other have a chance??  Read the Book Riot piece- I totally agree with it.

6.  That’s all I have this week- we are packing to get one more long weekend in for skiing (BRRRR) and then I am hoping things slow down and return to normal.  Though I think I have been saying that since December!


7 thoughts on “Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. I come from a fairly strict household too and even now, when I go there as an adult (I still don’t really feel like an adult though), I follow the rules and wishes of my mother – I usually spend holidays at home and live at my mom’s and her husband’s place and it just comes instinctively to me to do things the way the wish they would be done.

  2. Ha, I read about the girl who sued her parents — my husband thought it was hilarious (especially since she lost). Wow, talk about a sense of entitlement! I read that piece about J K Rowling as well, which was completely ridiculous. It almost made me feel like the writer was just trying to say things that were outrageous in order to get people to read it/respond. Ugh. Have fun skiing!!

  3. Yay for King’s March! The Stand will be worth it, and it will be a long time before the new chapters stop coming (and even then he drops random tidbits about other survivors).

    Wasn’t that story of the girl suing her parents the most ridiculous thing ever? I grew up in a strict household. I moved out when I was 17 and had graduated from high school. If I had wanted to stay, I would’ve had to pay rent.

    #4 is what drives crazy, I talked about it in my bookish thoughts this week too.

  4. I’ve read about the New Jersey student and I found it ridiculous. I grew up in a strict household too and my parents made it clear that we have to obey them. I have not read any book from J.K. Rowling (gasp!) – I want to though. I just haven’t yet. I think it’s wrong that someone would actually tell someone to stop writing. I don’t know if it’s a stunt to keep people talking or be noticed.

    Happy skiing!

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