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Bookish & Not So Bookish Thought is a weekly men hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.

1.  After having “house guests” who stayed for almost 2 1/2 years, we finally have the spare bedroom empty.  Almost immediately, I had hubby move a nice big desk and my computer-which had been jammed into the living room- into the empty room, and take a big cozy chair and ottoman from the basement and put it into the living room.  Now I have an AMAZINGLY wonderful reading spot, and an awesome office. More importunely, there is no guest room.


2.  I just read an article on Book Riot about DNF’ing.  I have been realizing that ever since I started reviewing books on this blog- especially since I have been getting books from all over the place- this has become an issue for me.  And one I ma not proud of.  I used to pick my books very carefully, and I usually didn’t stop reading any of them.  It really bothers me when I read a review of a book I DNFed, and the reviewer really liked it.  I have an awful feeling that I just didn’t stick with it long enough.  On the other hand, there are SO many books out there-why stick with one that isn’t working for you?

3.  My son got hit first term grades.  He got a B- in Mandarin 3.  I gave him a talking to, the whole time thinking- damn, I bet that s#@t is hard!!  Sometimes not saying what you are really thinking is hard.  Take for example this evening.  My lovely 13 yr old doesn’t have school tomorrow, so her and her friends are making plans to hang out at one of their homes.  At night.  Doesn’t she realize that means I can’t have wine until she gets home???  Can’t she drive yet????


4.  I finished The Shining (WOO HOO) and I loved it so much that when I saw Doctor Sleep in the no reserve shelf at the library the next day I grabbed it.  I am 3/4 of the way done and I am loving it- but I have to admit I am not as scared as I was with the first!  I think I need to take a break from King for a book or two though- I wont walk into a room with out the dog with me. And as you can see, he’s not much of a guard dog.  (should have named him Doctor Sleep)  Any suggestions though for my next King?


5.  I want to start my holiday shopping soon- honestly I just wish I was done with it already.  Another little fun fact they dont tell you before you walk down the aisle- you will now have to shop for at least twice as many people.  And he will not help- even when he says he will.  Do I hear a bah, humbug?

6.  I have never taken part in World Book Night, and I was considering doing it this year. There are some good looking books- The Weird Sisters (great book), Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?– and some great YA- Code Name Verity, The Bridge to Terebithia, and The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower. Some of them are in large print, and I know of lots of women whose eyes are starting to go.  But the YA’s make me slightly uneasy- hanging around at some sports practices, trying to give things away to pre-teens.  People in my town would probably call the cops on me.

7.  It is a very warm and rainy day here.  Perfect to curl up in my new reading spot and relax all day.  On the other hand, I haven’t cleaned the house in over a week- a house with 2 labradors and 2 teens-gross.  Clean it is.

8.  I looked at the 10 day forecast for NJ- we will actually have snow next week.  What the f*#k is wrong with the weather lately???  Did I mention it is 65 degrees today?

9.  I might have to get my own Kindle after all(shudder).  I had been borrowing my daughter’s, but when Allegiant came out, she made a big stink about how I had “taken hers over with ALL my books”. (did I get the tone across?)  So, I said of course it is yours, I have plenty of books to read- I downloaded Allegiant and off she went.  A WEEK AGO.  What takes that long??  Read the damn book already.  Now she is making noise about “giving” her kindle to me-and getting a better one for Christmas.  My goodness.

20 thoughts on “Bookish ( & Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. Haha you definitely got the tone across. As far as DNFing -agreed. I have guilt about it too and worry I may be missing something, but since blogging I’ve become more willing to do it. Some I intend to return to, but there are so many great books out there that I don’t want to waste my time on something that doesn’t grab me.

    Stephen King recs – have you ever read any of The Dark Tower Series? The first book, The Gunslinger, is a short entertaining dark fantasy novel.

  2. Ugh, #5. We only do gifts for immediate family, which I actually have more of… so even if we do the “I buy for my side, you buy for your side” plan, I’m still stuck with the short end of the stick. My brother just got engaged this year; maybe we can just do a nice gift-certificate for he and his fiance to go have a fancy dinner somewhere. That still leaves all the parents, though. Ugh.

    (Have I mentioned I hate Christmas shopping? Ugh.)

  3. #3 I hear ya! My 9yo daughter was invited to a Halloween party. I ask the parents what time I should collect her, and they between 9pm-10pm. My response was, I’ll be here at 9, I can’t go all night without my wine!

    #4 Yay!!! So glad you read The Shining ad jumped right into Doctor Sleep! As for what you should read next I would recommend 11/22/63. I know you want an SK break but with the 50th anniversary of JFK coming up what better time to read it 🙂

    #5 I have Nov 25th off work and plan to do most of mine that day. The rest I’ll do online, I hate the shops during the holidays.

    #6 I applied, and chose all YA ones but I don’t have a plan yet. Maybe ask my library if I can do it there and get some flyers out to the middle school or something…I’m really not sure.

    #8 I did the same this morning. I was like WTF!! I’m not ready for snow yet. Today is getting colder and colder 😦

    #9 I want to give my Kindle to my daughter so that I can buy myself a new one, lol. Not sure she would be too impressed with me if I did that though!

  4. I’m with you on DNF’ing, I try so hard to keep going but if I don’t like it I will find excuses not to pick it back up and if I kept that up I would never be able to read anything else.

    Is it bad that once I’m home in the evening I don’t want to leave again?

    I want an ereader so bad! I can’t decide what one I would rather have though.

  5. B minus sounds pretty good for a third year of Mandarin. I learned a bit of it once — my accent was good bu I couldn’t string sentences together very well at all.

    DNFing — Eh. I’m on the life’s too short side. I also think that forcing yourself to finish a book is a bad idea because if you finish it and hate it, you’ll never return to it; when all along the problem might have been that it wasn’t the right book and you weren’t in the right mood that month. Whereas if you DNF it, and then read a wonderful review of it, you can always try it again later, and maybe then you will love it! That is a thing that has definitely happened to me in the past.

  6. Yeah… I’m thinking that when I get a house, we might just not bother with a guest room. I don’t want to be able to offer people a place to stay, lol. That sounds terrible… but true?

    And DAMN, Mandarin 3??? That would be insanely hard. You’re thoughts about not being able to have wine because you have to drive are hilarious though. I’ve had those moments.

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