September Wrap Up!


I CAN NOT believe September is coming to a close!!!  It has been a pretty busy month for me, but as I look at the calendar, I am realizing that October is going to be a crazy busy month too!

So, what has been going on here?

On the blog, I have posted the following-

Top Ten Tuesdays:

Books That Should Be Taught in School

Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

Books To Read This Fall

Favorite Sequels 

Other Posts-


The Book Thief Read Along Part 1 and Part 2 

The A to Z Survey

My Favorite Banned Books


Beautiful Day

Amity & Sorrow

The Husband’s Secret

I know- not so many books this month.  I found that I started quite a few that I couldn’t get into, and put them aside for another time.

In my actual life-

I started to run (after about 20 + years) and decided to sign up for my first 5K ever.  I chose to run the Tunnel to Towers run, which is in memory of a good friend of mine who died in 9/11-Stephen Siller.  He was a fireman who ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel-in full gear- to the Trade Center when he heard what happened.  He was last seen in the South Tower.  His family created the T2T to honor him, and every year they hold a run that follows his footsteps.  This was the first year I ever ran- and I can tell you it was one of the most AMAZING experiences I have ever had- and one of the hardest.  I was also very lucky to make some new friends- here’s a shout out to those awesome Firefighters from Gerritsen Beach and Queens!!

Here are some pics from that day!

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