Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thought

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.


I haven’t been able to participate in this meme for almost a month-whew!  Here are some thoughts-

1.  I feel like I am not getting on the ball here.  I thought I would hit the ground running in the new year, with interesting challenges, read alongs, etc., but I am not.  I am struggling just to get a few posts out and responding to comments.  I promise I will do better.  On the other hand, I am reading lots and loving every minute of it, though my old eyes are VERY tired.

2.  I saw a post on FB about 16 movies that are coming out, and how you should read the books before they do on Buzzfeed– such as Divergent, The Monuments Men, The Fault in our Stars, and Gone Girl.  Part of me was all like, Cool, I can’t wait to read that, and that.  Then I realized, that part from The Monuments Men (Clooney and Damon-sigh) and Gone Girl (Affleck-sigh), it is very unlikely I will see ANY of those movies.  Why?  I’d rather just read the book and be done with it.  This is how I usually feel about adaptations.


And what is this I hear about Gillian Flynn rewriting the ending of Gone Girl for the movie????

3.  Is anyone out there on Booklikes?  I went over there and I like it.  I think I might join.  Let me know what you think of it.

4.  One of my resolutions for 2014 is GET ORGANIZED.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  But how?  Anyone have any good organization tips for book blogging?

5.  My sister sent this to me-she said it made her think of me.


6.  That is the last though I might have for awhile- coming down with that “flu” thing going around-ugh.

Have a great weekend!!