Bookish (& not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I finished It by Stephen King (review coming soon).  I feel like I need something easy breezy next to shake it off.  Maybe a Dr. Seuss?

2.  I finally ran 4 miles.  Then I couldn’t move for two days.  But I am getting back out today to do it again.

3.  My daughter took this picture of my dog-


I laughed so hard I think I spit.

4.  I got an ARC though Net Galley that I was so excited to read-it takes place in the National Archives- then I realized it was the 3rd in a series.  So of course I had to download the first 2 to my Kindle, right?

5.  I am addicted to these chips- anyone else?


6. My son it taking some courses at Carnegie Mellon this summer.  I know I am really going to miss him, but he left a pen in his pocket, and it went though the dryer earlier this week.  I am sure you can all imagine the outcome.

7.  What should you get a wonderful husband for a 20th anniversary present?  I am dying- no ideas at all.

8.  Things I want to do this summer-

see Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, and Pitch Perfect 2, start watching Game of Thrones (only saw the 1st season), continue with House of Cards, and reread some favorites.

oh- and watch ALL of The Sopranos again.

9.  Do you reread books often?  I used to a lot more than I do now and I don’t know why!  I feel the need to revisit- Harry Potter, Middle Earth, Lizbeth Salander, some Jane Austen and Margaret Mitchell, and Shadow of the Wind trilogy.  But every time I go to the bookcase, all the unread books give me a dirty look if I reach for a pre read one.  I am not even mentioning the guilt from all the ARCs on the Kindle.

5 thoughts on “Bookish (& not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. That is what I don’t like about discovering an exciting book…finding out that there are two or more previous books in the series! And yes, I would then have to download them…LOL.

    As for rereading…I used to do it a lot, but that was before blogging and TBR piles, etc.

    I do have some books I bought a while ago, just so I could reread them: Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, Gone with the Wind, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. They are still sitting atop my bookcase, waiting.

    Beth Gutcheon is an author I’ve reread in recent years: Still Missing and Domestic Pleasures.


  2. There are certain books that I do re-read (*cough* Outlander *cough*) — but what’s made me really happy recently is doing rereads via audiobook. I mostly listen during my commute or while exercising, so it suits my need to not have to pay attention 100%, and keeps the shelf-guilt from getting to me when I read something I’ve already read. 🙂

    Love the doggie picture!

  3. 3. Took me a second to work out what I was looking at!
    7. An experience (rather than a present). I bought my husband fly-fishing lessons last birthday, something he’d been wanting to do for years. I always figure we don’t need any more stuff…
    9. Yes, if I’ve been in a reading slump. Re-reads usually involve either something by John Irving or The Great Gatsby.

  4. Running four miles is AMAZING! I’ve never done that… I love the picture your daughter took of your dog… I’ve never seen those chips anywhere but they look amazing… Sorry about the pen!… I’m also waiting for House of Cards season 3 to be released on DVD. 🙂

  5. It’s been years since I read did you find it?

    Wedding anniversary…congrats on 20 years! It’s our 8th in 3 weeks, time flies! How about a nice watch and have the back engraved?

    I hate when you get an ARC and there;s no mention of it being part of a series. But I would probably do the same as you and buy the others to read first.

    I don’t reread often, I just recently reread Misery, and theres a readalong next month so I’ll probably read it again. You should join in if you didn’t read it yet

    We might go to see Tomorrowland tomorrow, who knows though. But it’s definitely on my watch list as is Jurassic World

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