Which romances do you like/dislike?



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This week’s topic is-

Top Ten Things I like/dislike about romances in literature

I actually thought pretty hard about this and found it very difficult to come up with specifics.  Somethings just annoy me for no reason, so instead I picked 10 romances that I like/dislike.

1. Dislike

Romeo & Juliet

I know they are supposed to be the quintessential romantic couple, but please!  Maybe I am too old and pragmatic, but she is 13!!!  She meets him one night, marries him the next day, and is dead within the week.  This should serve more as a cautionary tale for young girls to not fall for a pretty face and slick dialogue.  And to listen to her parents.

2.  Like

Lizzy Bennet & Mr. Darcy

They fall in love despite first impressions.  They are both strong, smart, and spunky.  And he loves her fine eyes.

3.  Dislike

Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester

Again, another famous couple, but-hello- workplace sexual harassment??  And how does he forget about the wife in the attic?  Jane- he locked his wife in the attic!!!  Run away!  Plus- isn’t she a little young for him??

4.  Like

Rhett & Scarlett

Yes-they are toxic together, and she is a pretty bad person.  Despite that, they are on fire together.  I just wish she had figured it out before he left.

5.  Dislike

Daisy & Tom Buchanan

Too bad she didn’t have to guts to leave him-though I doubt she would have actually been happy with Jay Gatsby.  Anything would be better than staying with a brute who thinks he is above everything- his vows, the law.

6. Like

 Jo March & Laurie

It was just mean of Alcott to refuse to marry Jo and Laurie.   She said it was because she didn’t think the purpose of a woman’s life should only be to get married.  I agree, but come on!  Jo and Laurie were great together.

7.  Dislike- Amy March & Laurie


Amy is a bitch- she burned the manuscript, and got to go to Paris-the trip Jo was supposed to have.  Then she marries Laurie??  NO!  Plus he loves Jo- how might it feel to marry a man you know loves your sister best?


8.  Like

Eowyn & Farmir

There isn’t a lot of romance in LOTR, so I will take what I can get.  Aragorn and Arwen are awesome, but what about these other two?  Poor Faramir almost dies trying to prove himself to his crazy ass father, and Eowyn almost dies trying to prove she is as much of a warrior as any other man in Rohan.  They find each other and heal together.  And the Faramir in the movie was hot.

9.  Dislike

Anna Karenina and Vronsky

He is a POS- only after the conquest.  And she is a little too controlled by her urges.  You’re a mom, Anna, how about some self control??

I was actually glad when she had a date with the rails.  Harsh, but true.

10.  Dislike

Max De Winter & the 2nd Mrs. De Winter

I love Rebecca, and having the 2nd so quiet does help the story unfold, but this was an extremely dysfunctional relationship.  Rebecca might have been awful, but at least she was a  strong woman.

What romances do you like/dislike the most?

4 thoughts on “Which romances do you like/dislike?

  1. Several of these made me laugh. I watched the old Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice (both with Laurence Olivier in the lead roles) this weekend with my mom. I agree that I love Lizzy and Mr. Darcy but I would have to add Heathcliff and Cathy to my dislike list (maybe the top). I wanted to smack them both.

  2. If the whole point of Jo not marrying Laurie was to prove that women don’t have to marry, then why did she end up marrying someone else instead?! That makes no sense Louisa May Alcott! It would have been totally fine for her to initially say no to Laurie, they go their separate ways for a while, and then when they meet again they are both just so incredibly in love with each other and then it all end happily!

  3. Fabulous list! I remember being completely devastated the first time I read Little Women and found out that Jo rejects Laurie and then ends up with the professor who just seems so wrong for her! And Amy and Laurie have no chemistry. Ooh, that made me mad. Absolutely agree about Romeo and Juliet — in today’s YA world, that would be the dreaded insta-love, plus a suicide pact! The Rebecca romance is quite twisted and dysfunctional (although I love the book!). Gold stars for LOTR love stories! 🙂

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