Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

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Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I am amazed I am even going to try to post this!  My internet has been VERY hinky.  I, of course, know nothing about how to fix it, except to turn it off, then back on again, in the hopes that the internet gods decide to favor me and fix the service by magic.

2.  Summer is coming, so of course I have gotten the little plastic pool out.  Most people have these for their children, I have it for my dogs.  Two big Labs, one little plastic pool.  It’s hilarious!  But it is nice to sit outside and read in the warm sun while they play.  It’s like I have toddlers again, but I don’t have to watch the dogs as closely.

3.  I have been the treasurer for a local not-for-profit, and my gig is coming to a close.  What will I do with my time??  I don’t think I could possibly read much more , as my eyes are getting bad as it is.

4.  I won a copy of Bag of Bones from Rory over at Fourth Street Review after King’s March (thank you again!)  I still have this unshakeable sense of sadness after reading it.  I have read two other books-good books- and it won’t go away.

5.  I used to LOVE the end of the school year and the start of summer.  First, because I was a teacher and it was GREAT to not work (even though we did).  Then I had the kids, and it meant fun days- some camp, maybe a vacation.  Now I have two teens, and summer is going to me puling non stop taxi service all over the damn state.  I keep telling myself that in a few years they will be gone, and I will be lonely and bored.  It’s not really working.

6.  Colbert Takes On Amazon

You have to watch this clip if you haven’t seen it for Stephen Colbert”s take on the Amazon/Hachette issue.  I laughed out loud, especial the end.

Great quote-“Used books are the sluts of the literary world”.

How are you getting ready for the summer?

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