Cry Me a River- a Top Ten List



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.  It’s awesome. Every Tuesday, the lovely ladies over there give us book bloggers wonderful and fun topics to create our lists!  Check out what others have posted by going over there!

This week’s topic is-

Top Ten Rewind- and I picked Books That Made Me Cry (originally done 11/10)

I tried this topic because it made me think.  Usually when someone tells me a book is a really tear jerker, I will shy away from it.  Why read something you know is going to make you sad?  But here are a few that snuck up on me-

Major Spoiler Alert in each comment

1. & 2  Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince AND The Deathly Hallows.

I was all good until the end of book 6.  I recall literally throwing the books across the room.  How could Dumbleldore DIE????  I was totally done with the whole thing, then beta reading it from the beginning.

And #7- don’t get me started.  Dobby, Fred, Lupin, and Tonks!!  By the end, I was numb.

3. The Fault in Our Stars

Ok, kids with cancer is very bad, so it is no surprise that this is a sad book, right?  But to see them fall in love, then die a long painful death- too much.

4.  The Book Thief

When Death is the narrator, you know people will die, no?  But when he describes taking each of them, it got to me.

5.  The Giving Tree

Laugh at me if you will, but just try reading it to your child without crying.  When she says she has nothing left to give, I lose it.  I once choked up while reading it to a class of 2nd graders.

6.  Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

This was a surprise- I mean, it IS written by James Patterson of Alex Cross fame.

7.  My Sister’s Keeper

What an ending!!!  I love surprise endings!

8.  We Need to Talk About Kevin

I knew all along there was a school “incident”, but I was unrepared for what actually happened at the school, or what happened at their home.  A  nightmare.

9.  Gone With the Wind

Scarlet might not be the nicest woman, but man does she lose all the women closest to her- mother, daughter, best friend.  Each of these death’s changes her.

10.  Marley & Me

I have a yellow lab named Katie (after Katie Scarlet O’Hara)  who is about to turn 11.  I love her and her goofy step brother Jack the choc. lab.  Like my children.  I have had dogs my whole life and I know we are only blessed with them a short time, but that really doesn’t prepare you for the pain that comes when you have to say goodbye to them.  Especially if you are there with them, as an owner should be.  I am crying just writing this.

The scene where he goes to the vet to put Marley down is one of the saddest things I have ever read.  This is one book I cannot reread, because it is too sad for me.

I know- cancer, massacres, etc. I can do, but when the dog dies, I just can’t.

What books made you cry?

18 thoughts on “Cry Me a River- a Top Ten List

  1. The Book Thief makes me bawl every time. I knew it was going to be sad but I didn’t expect it to be quite that sad.

    You didn’t cry in the fifth HP book? The fifth one is the one where I invariably cry the most. Usually I start crying as soon as Neville acts so brave in the Ministry with the Death Eaters, and I carry on crying until the end of the book.

  2. It is so hard to get people to believe me that TFIOS is a great book. I tell them that it is about kids with cancer and that it will make you go into the ugly cry—but read it! It is SO good!
    I probably wouldn’t believe me, either 🙂

  3. I agree on the HP entries! I did this topic before and I think I have those books on my list too. However, I did not like My Sister’s Keeper. In fact, I was so angry in the end lol.

  4. My favorite on your list is the Giving Tree! It is a family classic that has given ME the nickname of “Giving Tree” at times. Maybe this will be on my Top Ten when I do a Childhood Favorites…(that’s sure to come around again, right??)
    I’m also a sucker for crying when bad things happen to animals. I can’t go to movies if there is horse-abuse…

  5. I sobbed like a baby in HP5 when Sirius dies because he was my favorite character and then again in the last book when Sirius appears to him when he goes to fight Voldemort.

    And The Book Thief makes me cry every single time. I’ve read it multiple times, so you’d think I would be desensitized to it, but nope.

  6. Goblet of Fire when Cedric died (i’m probably the few that felt sad for him.. haha), Deathly Hallows when Harry met his family on the way to meet Voldy, Ender’s Game at every moment Ender felt conflicted and troubled.. poor boy.

  7. Wow. Yup. These books all leave me in a big puddle. For me, HP #5 was just a heart-breaker, because I have a not-so-secret crush on Sirius Black and I think he’s one of the most tragic characters in the series. But yes, 6 and 7 are plenty tearful too. I knew we were in for trouble in #7 when Hedwig died. If she starts the books by killing the boy’s pet, you just know way worse things are on the way! (The only one on this list that I actually kind of hated was Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas — it felt manipulative to me, like here’s this hugely successful male writer intentionally throwing in everything possible to make his readers cry.) Oh boy, these books — making me sad all over again!

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