A Thankful Top Ten



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. It’s awesome. Every Tuesday, the lovely ladies over there give us book bloggers wonderful and fun topics to create our lists! Check out what others have posted by going over there!


This week’s topic is-

A Thanksgiving Freebie

I am going to just throw out a list of things I am thankful for! And pay no mind to the order!

1.My Dogs

No matter what else is going on, they are ALWAYS happy to see me.  They always want to sit with me in companionable silence.  Yes, I know- I feed them.  When you have teenagers, you know how important it is to have someone be happy that you’re around.

2.  My Kids

I know I bitch about them, but I love them and they are pretty awesome.  Can’t wait until they are about 21 and become human again.

3.  My Husband

Very cliche, but he IS my best friend and the person that makes me happiest.

4.  Books

I guess you would think this goes with our saying, but I just find them amazing.  They pull me into so many new and wonderful stories.  New worlds, and new people are just behind the cover.

5.  Harry Potter

I love knowing that if I ever run out of books to read at any given time(not likely) I can reread my favorites.  This can also be said for The Lord of the Rings.

6.  My Ceiling Fan

As I get older, I value this more.

7.  My Body

I have begun to train with weights, mainly because I am getting older and my body is weakening.  Last year I strained my MCL while skiing.  I am glad I have begun taking better care of it and that it is responding in kind.  It’s like we have a little understanding.

8.  My Family

Mine and my husband’s.  They are pretty crazy and can be annoying, but they are ours.  Plus, who would we make fun of without them?

9.  My Reading Chair

I fit perfectly in it.  It is like sitting in a soft hug.

10.  Winter

I will regret this in 3 months I am sure, but I love it.  Skiing, crockpot dinners, Sunday football, the holidays- I love it all.

What are you Thankful for?

9 thoughts on “A Thankful Top Ten

  1. Nice post! I’m afraid I’m thankful of the same things you are. I love my family, my boyfriend, my job, my books. What would we do without our books?

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