King’s March- rereading The Stand



This is the first week of King’s March, and I really haven’t been very successful in getting very far in my reread of The Stand.  The first time I read this book, I couldn’t put it down, but this time life is getting in the way.  A very sick boy was home for two days, three storms (which equal 3 migraines for me), computer issues, and a stolen wallet and the ensuing mayhem of canceling and replacing everything has done me in!

I have been successful in getting my husband to start the audio version of The Stand too, and he seems to be enjoying it- or at least being smart enough not to trash a book I love.  I am still in the early stages and am looking forward to getting away this weekend for some serious skiing and reading, with some wine thrown in too.

My favorite pastime while reading this book is imagining the cast for the new version that is supposed to be in the works.  I heard a rumor that has Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg.  What do you think?  Any other casting suggestions?

6 thoughts on “King’s March- rereading The Stand

  1. I hadn’t heard about a new movie with Matthew McConaughey in it. I feel as though I’ll never get round to reading The Stand for the first time never mind a second so I applaud you for that!

    Sorry about your weather related migraines…I know how tough that can be. I hope you are feeling better and I hope we have seen the last of the winter storms.

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  3. I love this book and whenever I reread it (I usually just read specific passages), I always imagine the cast too. I once did a post on just this and am considering doing it again (I heard the same MM rumor). Prior to that I had envisioned Eric Bana (but was not quite happy with that). As long as Molly Ringwald is nowhere to be found, it’ll be an improvement.

  4. This is my favourite King. I’ve managed to read it 3 times in 20 yrs & I now have have the ‘uncut’ version on my TBR shelf! Unfortunately I wont have time this month to tackle it again, but I love it so much, I even (but only just) skim watched the TV series with Molly Ringwald & Gary Sinise without cringing too much!!

    Andrew Lincoln could be a good Larry on the strength of his Walking Dead character or John Cusack. Flagg needs to be much nastier than MM – someone like John Malkovich or Christopher Walken or Michael Keaton??

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