King’s March!



I participated in this great event last year hosted by Rory at Fourth Street Reviews and Wendy over at Wensend.

I am thrilled to be doing it again this year!


Spring break is coming up next week, and we will be running around a bit, so I am going to choose a re-read of The Stand to conquer first, then I am hoping to read IT, even though I am literally scared to death of clowns.  I am hoping it is triggered visually.


If I still have time, I am hoping to reread Bag of Bones, which I won (Yeah!) last year in the King’s March giveaway!

I also somehow managed to get my non-reader husband to agree to listen to The Stand on audiobook, but it’s a million hours long, so he might not finish until next year’s King’s March!

Maybe we can through in some good (and bad) movies too!  Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “King’s March!

  1. I’ll be joining in again this year as well. I’m starting with Pet Sematary for a readalong (check out #gangstercats on Twitter for info, it’s running until Apr 15th). Then I’m thinking some short stories…maybe from Night Shift. I still didn’t read The Stand, you are right it is a million years long, and I’m talking about the book not the audio 🙂

    I’m sure my fear of clowns goes back to reading IT at too young of an age. So a reread of that one is probably out of the question for me. I read Bag of Bones very recently, and really enjoyed it.

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