Holy Heroine, Batman! A Top Ten list



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. It’s awesome. Every Tuesday, the lovely ladies over there give us book bloggers wonderful and fun topics to create our lists! Check out what others have posted by going over there!


This week’s topic is-

Top Ten Heroines

I know this is all going to be very expected, but here it goes

1.  Elizabeth Bennet

I love that she rejects both Mr. Collins and Darcy!  No marriage of convenience for her.

2.  Mathilda Wormwood

Takes herself to the library!

3.  Lizbeth Salander

I know its a tough read, but this is one kick ass lady.  She saves the guy at the end.

4.  Hermione Granger

Brains and bravery in equal measure.  Plus it was so awesome when she punched Malfoy!

5.  Scarlett O’Hara

A little bitchy, yes, but she uses everything she has (her feline wiles) to get what she wants.

6.  Jane Eyre

Walks away from relationships she feels aren’t right for her, in a time when she really has nothing else.

7.  Scout (Jean Louise) Finch

Struggling to understand right from wrong, she hold her own in the integrity department alongside Atticus and Jem.

8.  Katniss Everdeen

Volunteering to save her little sister is heroic enough, but then she teams up with Rue, and then Peeta too.

9.  Jo March

She cuts off her hair (her one beauty according to the little bitch Amy) for the $ to pay passage so Marmy can help nurse the father back to health.

10.  Professor Minerva McGonagall

I love Minerva!  So sassy and proper at the same time.  And Maggie Smith is so perfect in the movies!


Who are some of your favorite heroines?

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