Here comes the snow, do do do do….



Hello winter storm Juno!

So it seems we are getting slammed with an “historic” snowstorm and I luckily live smack dab in the middle of it.  I have run my necessary errands- hot wings and soda for the kids, wine and brie for me.  And a quick stop to the library 🙂  Oh- and got out LOTS of candles, since all it takes is a little fart from Mother Nature, and I lose power.  During Hurricane Sandy, we were without power (and that means no heat or running water-thank you well water) for 2 weeks.  So, I may not be able to get my posts out- since I have been skiing, I haven’t done any planned posts.  I do hope to get lots of snuggling and reading in-Yay!!

So if you are also on of the lucky 60 million getting hit by this- good luck!

To the rest of you- think of us out here in the Northeast!

I will be thinking of this-


6 thoughts on “Here comes the snow, do do do do….

  1. Wow, I hope it blows over soon! Stay safe, and happy reading! It is almost worth all that snow to get in much reading time! 🙂

  2. Oh nooo! Luckily I live a couple of states west of all that (Ohio). We DID, however, get a couple inches of snow yesterday/last night. I hope you don’t lose power – that would be terrible since it is so cold D: I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Oh noooo! Luckily, I live a couple states west of all that (Ohio) but we DID get a couple of inches yesterday/last night. I hope you don’t lose power- that would be horrible since it’s so cold 😦 Good luck and stay warm, and read lots of books! ;D

  4. Stay warm and safe at home! From warm Spain (it’s 1ºC but there’s no snow), the snowstorm looks gorgeous and magical, but I know it’s not practical at all for you.

    Also, I see you’re reading Unbecoming. What do you think? I’m in awe since I finished it.

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