Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts



Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts

is a weekly meme hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous, where we post things that are on our minds.  Head over there and check it out!

1.  I just ordered a bathing suit online, because I prefer to suffer in the privacy of my own home when I try it on, rather than in a store, with awful lighting and god knows what on the dressing room floor.  I didn’t pay for shipping, so I will only have to pay once when I inevitably return it.

2.  In order to fit in said bathing suit, I have upped my running.  I ran 5 miles yesterday- then I was totally done for the day.  I didn’t even have energy to read.  There has to be a better way.

Speaking of which- any recommendations for good music to run to?  I am getting bored of my playlist, which makes the running harder.

3.  The appearance of the blogged has changed-hopefully for the good.  I was in that place where I needed a change, and it was the appearance here, or cutting my hair.  Every time I think of cutting my hair, I remember that line from Little Women, after Jo cuts her hair to raise the money so Marmie can go visit their father-

“Jo, your one beauty”

That Amy was a bitch.

4.  Speaking of hair, I am not sure if I have found my first grey hair or not.  It’s either there, or my eyesight has gotten worse.  Either way, I don’t want to know.

5.  I think I might try writing mini reviews for the books I read for fun, you know- light reading?

6.  Took my daughter to a sort of pre-orientation to her high school and they talked a lot about the dress code.  Instead of freaking out,  she was happy about all the shopping she is looking forward to.

7.  Kind of bummed I will not make it to BookCon after all.  Son has plans that will take him all around that day and he doesn’t  feel like walking.

8.  I started playing a stupid game that down loaded to my phone when my son got it for his, called 2048.  Have you ever played this??  I am totally addicted.  I might need an intervention8

9.  Why Books Stink- a GIF.  This is hysterical!

10.  I guess this was mostly “Not So Bookish” today.  So what going on with you?  Bookish or not.

15 thoughts on “Bookish (& Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. 2048 – yes addicted! Hubs has it on his phone, daughter on her ipod, and son plays it on ipad. So we are that family that sits together, doing the same thing, but not together – if that makes sense!

    I will not be making it to BookCon either, I’ll try harder for next year. It just didn’t work out this year. Maybe for the best because I don’t need any more books right now.

    And I’ve been doing mini-reviews for any non-review books I read. I throw them all into one post each month. It’s been working well for me.

  2. Love the look of your site! I’ve considered doing some mini reviews. The more I read the less time I can devote to long reviews unless the book blows me away.

    I thought I saw a grey hair earlier this week and had a mini panic attack. Turned out it was just an unruly weird curl that I yanked right out. I’m just waiting for the day I see grey – I know it’s coming.

  3. Ugh, there is nothing as miserable as bathing suit shopping. It’s an already miserable task made miserabler by the fact that every woman in the dressing room during bathing suit season is ALSO miserable and making self-deprecating and woeful comments to whoever she’s shopping with. Ugh it is the worst. Buying online is the only solution.

    I like the new look! I redesigned my blog last year when the itch for change came on, but this year I think there’s nothing for it but a truly drastic haircut. We’ll see.

    • I know-I am at that point where the itch to cut it into s medium bob or something is overwhelming. And I don’t even really style it anymore. I have given in to the curl- after a forty year fight!

  4. I have a friend that’s hooked on 2048. I gave it a try, but it was cutting into my Candy Crush time, lol. Great work on your jogging! For the past year I’ve been listening to audiobooks on my walk/jogs. They’re the only thing that gets me to workout. 😉

  5. Love the green! I updated mine recently too, I wanted something simpler and cleaner. But most of the time I view blogs in the mobile version, so if people make changes I’m usually the last to know.

    I love the Radiohead album King of Limbs for working out. Good rhythms you can set a pace to.

  6. I couldn’t agree more that trying on bathing suits is the pits. Even at my house w/good lighting, it’s no fun. Add in that I am banned from running until Sep due to knee surgery and this summer in a bathing suit is NOT looking good.

  7. The new site theme is terrific! I love the look — simple yet really pretty. LOL re swimsuit shopping — I read this just as I was sitting down to place an order myself. Oh, the agony… I love summer, but I hate the shopping. Good luck with your grey hair! It happens to the best of us. 🙂

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