The Hunger Games- Hello my old friend!!!



Yup- I finally had an ah-ha moment last Saturday on the 5 hour car ride up to lovely Lake Placid!!  I had downloaded a bunch of ARCs from Net Galley and was all ready to plow through a few.  When I turned the my daughter’s kindle on, and went to the home page, what should I see at the top of the list?

The Hunger Games Trilogy!!

One of my favorite series was just sitting there inviting me back.

I did it.

Just finished Mockingjay last night.


It was like seeing an old friend that I didn’t realize how much I missed.

This wasn’t my first reread of this series, but it is the first reread I have done since starting this blog.

Up next-I am going to get those ARCs done, then maybe some other old friends, Harry & Ron, Lizzy Bennet, maybe some hobbits and elves?

8 thoughts on “The Hunger Games- Hello my old friend!!!

    • You can try registering with Net Galley or Edelweiss for e book ARCs. If you want paper books, you can sign up for Goodreads Givewaways- you dont always get the books you want, but you usually will get something. All of these are in return for an honey review. Be Careful to not request too many at once- they you feel overwhelmed.

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  2. I didn’t love Mockingjay but I like the series as a whole. I actually don’t think I’ve read them since MJ came out! I need to! I’m glad you read them again and still loved them!

  3. I have the trilogy on my Kindle and I’m going to read it too!! I saw the first movie and I liked it, that’s when I got the 3 books. Now I just need to find time to read it between the ARC’s and review requets 😦

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