Thursday Quotables



Welcome to THURSDAY QUOTABLES- a weekly feature hosted by Lisa over at Bookshelf Fantasies where we highlight a great line, quote, or passage discovered during our reading each week.

“But there was no forgetting.  Pari hovered, unbidden, at the edge of Abdullah’s vision everywhere he went.  She was like the dust that clung to his shirt.  She was in the silences that had become so frequent in the house, silences that welled up between their words, sometimes cold and hollow, sometimes pregnant with things that went unsaid, like a cloud filled with rain that never fell.  Some nights he dreamed he was in the dessert again, alone, surrounded by the mountains, and in the distance a single tiny glint of light flickering on, off, on, off, like a message.”

And The Mountains Echoed

by Khaled Hosseini



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